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Excellent Flower Adventures :: Filoli, Woodside, California

Awhile back I emailed Laurie of Fleurie Flowers , Reedley, California to ask if she’d like to join me for a lecture at Ron Morgan’s Antique Store, LOOT , in Oakland, California. What started out as one lecture soon evolved into a two day flower excursion in the Bay Area which we dubbed “The Excellent Flower Adventures of Alicia and Laurie”. We thought of all the places we’d like to visit and wrote them down, knowing we’d never make it to all of them, but prepared to hit as many as possible.

Excellent Flower Adventures :: Flora Grubb, San Francisco

After leaving Filoli Laurie and I drove north to San Francisco, we were ecstatic to get to Flora Grubb ! I have to say that if you are ever in San Francisco make sure you visit Flora Grubb. *Part* of what really gets me about Flora Grubb is its location, it’s in the center of an industrial part of SF, however when you walk into their gardens you would think you’ve been transported to a faraway land – it is quite magical. To top it all off, they have a cafe inside where you can order a cappuccino and a sugary treat

Excellent Flower Adventures :: Ron Morgan Designs

Ron Morgan Design in Oakland, California! Visiting Ron’s store called LOOT and attending his lecture on floral design is what started our whole Excellent Flower Adventures trip in the Bay Area. When I was in the Emergency Room all night I just kept thinking – I cannot miss his lecture! (flower addict and proud of it). Laurie and I really did rally and got a second wind of energy to make it to his lecture on time