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Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Bring out the Yule Log… it’s time to celebrate the winter solstice! What? You don’t celebrate the winter solstice? You’re not alone. In our modern lives, we’ve moved past celebrating holidays that are closely attached to harvest time. Learn more >> Continue reading

Jazz Up your Christmas Decor With A Little "Holidazzle" From Your Florist

By now you’ve probably got all of your Christmas decor up, shopping mostly done, and are looking forward to the last of the holiday parties. Have you gotten a hostess gift yet? If not, your florist has you covered! Skip the busy mall and visit your loc…

Creative Flower Shops And Their Latest Christmas Floral Designs

I am always astounded at the creative and out-of-the-box methods florists use to create incredibly unique holiday arrangements every year. No two are ever alike! The way florists keep it fresh every year stems from their creative abilities. I love thes…