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Big Congrats To Our Winning Members

Floral convention season is just kicking off and already our florist members are making their presence known! Check out all of our member’s latest great accomplishments in today’s post! Continue reading

FSN at the 2013 Illinois State Florist Convention

We just got back from the Illinois State Florists’ Association’s annual convention for 2013 themed, Wonderland. What a wonder it was. From design shows to floral competitions, grants and more – florists from Illinois and surrounding states had their inspiration batteries charged at this show! Continue reading

FSN at the 2013 Great Lakes Floral Expo (Photos)

A couple of our FSN team members headed north this past weekend to attend the Michigan Floral Association’s Great Lakes Floral Expo — an event we look forward to every year! Once again the amazing talent at the show blew us away. Continue reading

FSN at the 2012 Alabama State Florist Association Convention

Our team had the fabulous opportunity to attend the Alabama State Florist Association’s 2012 Annual Convention this past weekend in Montgomery. How fun is a Wizard of Oz themed event for florists? Just imagine all you can do with ruby slippers, Emerald…

North Carolina State Florist Association Convention 2012

We had the wonderful opportunity over the weekend to attend the North Carolina State Florist Association Annual Convention themed “Fantasies, Dream, Imagine and Create.” Continue reading →

2012 AIFD Symposium – An Unforgettable Experience

One of the florists in our network had the marvelous opportunity to attend the AIFD National Symposium in Miami and has shared her story with us. Lori Himes from A’Bloom LTD tells us all about this once-in-a-lifetime floral experience. Continue readin…

Picture Perfect Floral Designs

No matter what skill level or type of camera, Robbin Yelverton gives actionable ideas for getting the most out of your flower photography. A hands-on workshop at the Great Lakes Floral Expo earlier this March, this workshop was a little different than …