Flowers Commemorate Life’s Special Occasions

Tulips and HyacinthsRecently, implant
I was the matron of honor in one of my best friends’ wedding. When she was planning her wedding, one of the first things she made a decision on was her flowers. She put a lot of thought into them, and they were beautiful. However I don’t think there’s such a thing as an ugly flower. All flowers are beautiful and I guess that’s why throughout life, through good times and not the good times, flowers are the best way to say the right thing even when you are at a lost for words.

Now that spring has finally arrived here in Philadelphia, I’m ready to start working on my garden. I love including my daughter in picking out which ones will go in our garden and what colors. It’s different every year. I started thinking about how flowers have always been significant through many milestones in my life.

Until the age of five, my family and I lived in a third floor apartment in southwest Philly. When my parents were shopping for our first home, I remember telling my dad I wanted a house with a yard with grass and flowers. Imagine that, just at that young age I understood the beauty of flowers. I didn’t really get to experience anything like that living in that part of the city. Although we didn’t live in a big single house with a big back yard, we did get a row home with a patch of grass in our front yard and I was happy with that.

That is why I wanted to give my children what I didn’t have. We chose a home with a backyard so we have the best of both worlds living in the city. I want my children to run around in the grass and enjoy flowers right outside of our home, things I didn’t get to experience growing up living in the city.

Another time in my life where flowers were significant was when my husband and I started dating. He would always give me a single rose. For the times he couldn’t get a hold of a single rose, he would make one out of tissue. I know it seems cheesy, but I really loved the thought. I actually still have the first real and first tissue rose he ever gave me; that’s how much they mean to me.

I love drying flowers I have received and it allows me to relive the moment when I see them. Now my daughter loves doing the same by always picking me flowers, usually they are dandelions. My car or coffee table is always covered in wilted flowers. It’s messy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can’t imagine life without the beauty of flowers. I love looking back at proms, recitals, wedding, graduations, the birth of my children and just remembering the beautiful flowers I received. How cheerful they made me feel, and out of all the different types of flowers out there, the person that gave them to me put thought into choosing the right kind just for me. It’s amazing how different flowers can express feelings whether for a happy occasion or sad.

When was the last time you received flowers and the last time you gave flowers?

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