Floral Halloween Decorations on a Budget

Haloween is October 31. Visit our Halloween section of our website for a spooky arrangement.
Haloween is October 31. Visit our Halloween section of our website for a spooky arrangement.

Making your own Halloween decorations is a great way to save money, for sale
entertain the kids and give your home that festive look!   Here are several do-it-yourself Halloween decoration ideas for inside and out.

– Create a Pumpkin Vase
The pumpkin vase is a creative twist on the traditional jack-o-lanterns, web
which commonly decorate doorsteps.  Simply cut a hole around the stem on the top of a pumpkin and scoop out the inside.  Then fill the pumpkin with water and add freshly cut autumn flowers; make sure to cut the flower stems so the blooms sit just above the pumpkin opening.  Pumpkin vases make a great addition to the jack-o-lantern display on the front porch, sick
or create several and use them instead of jack-o-lanterns.  They also make great centerpieces!

– The Blood Red Carnation Wreath
Buy an Oasis wreath ring (available at Vogue Flowers or any craft store) and soak in water for 30-60 minutes, depending on size. Trim red carnation stems to about 1-2 inches.  Begin inserting the trimmed carnations around the outer edge of the ring, making sure to insert each bud all the way to the bottom of the bloom. Once you have finished lining the outside of the wreath, use that as your starting point for the second row.  Continue to add rows of carnations until the Oasis foam is no longer visible.  Then loop a long piece of black satin ribbon through the center of the wreath and tie the ends in a bow.  Your wreath is now ready to hang and enjoy.

-Halloween Garland
Instead of tacky spider webs, make a Halloween floral garland for your railings, door frames, mantle or mailbox post.  Purchase an autumn leaf garland from your local craft store.  Then attach fall flowers, such as orange roses, orange lilies, red or yellow carnations, even wheat using a gold ribbon to hold the flowers in place. Adding mini pumpkin picks and plastic spiders will also add a festive touch.

-Spooky Potion Jars
Fill a specimen jar with water and add enough food coloring to give the water an ominous yellow or red hue.  Then arrange poppy pods, cornflower heads, lotus pods or black eyed susans within the jar.  Put the lid on the jar and reveal your supernatural solution to all.

Vogue Flowers has a large assortment of loose flowers, perfect for your D-I-Y projects available at our Boulevard location.  Of course, if you find you don’t have time to create your own, we also have a variety of Halloween arrangements available for delivery, browse our selection here.

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