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Get Ready for Easter, March 31

Easter is early this year, falling on Sunday, March 31. I’ve been saving eggshells since January. Quick tip on eggshells: Rather than break the egg in half, carefully tap the top and pour out the egg for use in cooking. Then, carefully, rinse the shell and let it dry. This is “re-use and recycle” at its finest.

Flower Care: Home Remedy or Go With the Pro?

We have all heard the folklore as well as my Grandma’s resolute instructions: a little bleach, a touch of vinegar, a splash of vodka. Add some sugar or 7-UP, aspirin, vitamin C, Listerine, and pennies, too. What works, what doesn’t, will it make a difference and will it harm my flowers?

Congratulations, You’re Engaged!

Congratulations to the brides-to-be on their engagements! The winter holidays are a wonderful time to get engaged. According to the Condé Nast Bridal Group, Christmas is the No. 1 day for marriage proposals, followed by Valentine’s Day and then New Year’s Day. How perfect! Friends and family are already gathered together. Add in the joy of an engagement, and you are set to celebrate with the people who matter the most.