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Artistic Foliage Adds Pizzazz to Floral Designs

The creative use of foliage gives floral arrangements incredible star power. Foliage is tremendously versatile with their shapes, surface structures and colors. Because there are so many ways to manipulate foliage — folding, binding, weaving, layering, collaring, and sewing — they offer a variety of design possibilities.

Emerald Makes Green Flowers Tops in 2013

Tangerine Tango was our favorite color of 2012. This strong orange hue was a big hit; and there are so many lovely flowers in orange. Wouldn’t you know it, 2013 is seeing green. That’s right, the Pantone Color for 2013 is Emerald. While trendy flower lovers in 2012 rejoiced for orange, the good news continues this year because there are lots of lovely flowers in tints, tones and shades of green.