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Shades of Purple – FSN’s Pinterest Picks

Here’s what caught our eye on Pinterest this week! The beautiful shades of purple incorporated into each design definitely makes for an unforgettable arrangement, no matter the occasion. Each arrangement is simply stunning with purple intertwined into each design

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Don’t Wait to Order Your Easter Flowers

Easter is a great time of year for fabulous flowers! Greet the Spring Spring ushers in warmer days, those fabled spring showers moisten the ground making it perfect for sleepy plants struggling out of their winter hibernation and your local florist begins to receive her first shipments of gorgeous spring blooms. It is that breathtaking beauty which makes flowers so popular this time of year.

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Friday Florist Recap 3/28 – 4/4: A Cascade of Beautiful Blooms

Another week of amazing and breathtaking arrangements for your viewing pleasure. These florists have put winter in their collective rear-view mirrors and are striding forward into spring with some truly magnificent pieces.

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What’s in Season now – spring flowers!

I’ve been out surfing the net – seeing what spring flowers are popping up at wholesalers across the country. And ..

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DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to use flowers, and any time we find an idea that is “outside the box”, we like to highlight it. That’s the case today as we ran across this excellent DIY post on Etsy from author Clare McGibbon detailing how to decorate a phone case with dried and pressed flowers! The process is simple, though not without need for a steady hand.

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FSN to Attend the NIA Florists 2014 Design Program

Are you planning to attend the Niagra International Association of Florists Design Program?

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Q&A :: The Importance of Continuing Education

Last week for the Q&A Session we discussed if a living wage is possible with a flower business and how a designer can afford to take a workshop. Madeleine Elmer replied with a great bit of advice, enough advice that I think her reply warrants its own blog post! Thank you, Madeleine for your lovely and helpful reply! I understand your concern about making a living wage with your flower business

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Determining the value of you by Alison Ellis

Today we are sharing a guest post written by our friend, Alison Ellis, of Floral Artistry in Vermont. Thank you, Alison! Determining the value of you. How do you determine your value

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Ask the Plant Expert: A Torrid Tale of Oaks and Azaleas

Dear Plant Expert: I have 6 matured live oaks in my front yard. Can I plant azaleas around the bottom of these trees? Candace Plant Expert Reply: Candace, Azaleas and oaks can live together quite happily.

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Designing at Detroit Institute of Arts Museum by Sweet Pea Floral Designs

Growing up in Detroitmy family attended weekly church services at a gorgeous gothic cathedral on Woodward Avenue one block from the Detroit Institute of Arts . Even then I sensed the respect, awe, and wonder that still surrounds the DIA . When an opportunity to create floral designs for the DIA presented itself naturally I jumped all over it!! This is a museum of epic proportions, among the top six collections in the United States with over 100 galleries, a 1,150 seat auditorium, an art reference library and state of the art conservation services laboratory

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