Valentine’s Day Flower Ideas

This is the the first official entry in this blog. Thank you for visiting.
This is the the first official entry in this blog. Thank you for visiting.

Red roses symbolize passionate love and are the top gift for Valentine’s Day.  OTHER POPULAR VALENTINE’S DAY FLOWERS this year will be:

Want to do something different?

On a tight budget? There are lots of wonderful flower options for consumers on a budget:

  • Ask Vogue’s florists for their specials in your price range and ask about the price of an earlier delivery.
  • Consider sending a few stems of something wonderful like roses, tulips or lilies.  Volume isn’t everyting.  Vogue Flowers can make a few stems look romantic and lovely.
  • Mixed bouquet of brightly-colored flowers
  • Carnations are a great endearing flower full of texture. The bang for your buck is just great and teh vase life is quite long when cared for properly.
  • Tulips are a tremendous value flower
  • A bud vase with six, three or even a single rose
  • Consider flowers in colors other than red, such as peach, orange, hot pink or chartreuse green
  • Pompons or chrysanthemums are long lasting. Consider a bunch of green Fuji Mums or a bunch of Kermit Pompons. The chartreuse green is a huge attention getter!
  • Stargazer lilies or other lilies
  • Alstroemeria
  • Gerbera daisies
  • Blooming plants

Flowers come in so many beautiful colors.  Some POPULAR COLOR TRENDS AND COLOR COMBINATIONS this year include:

  • We always think of red for Valentine’s Day, but many other combinations can say “I Love You.” Hot pink and orange for a fresh young look.  Purple is fun in either a monochromatic combination or mixed iwth red, very luscious. Chartreuse and pink is sweet yet crisp.  Orange and red is a powerful, masculine combination.
  • Monobotanic design (all one type of flowers)
  • Monochromatic design (flowers all in the same color family)
  • Reds, burgundies and browns
  • Hot pink, purples and browns
  • Monochromatic reds in various textures
  • Greens mixed with chocolate browns or stunning pinks
  • Greens and purples
  • Complementary colors cause excitement, such as lavender paired with yellow or blues coupled with oranges
  • Green, lavendar and peach form an upscale color combination
  • Rich purples and lavenders mixed with red
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