Valentine’s Day Flower Ideas

Red roses symbolize passionate love and are the top gift for Valentine’s Day.  OTHER POPULAR VALENTINE’S DAY FLOWERS this year will be:

Want to do something different?

On a tight budget? There are lots of wonderful flower options for consumers on a budget:

  • Ask Vogue’s florists for their specials in your price range and ask about the price of an earlier delivery.
  • Consider sending a few stems of something wonderful like roses, tulips or lilies.  Volume isn’t everyting.  Vogue Flowers can make a few stems look romantic and lovely.
  • Mixed bouquet of brightly-colored flowers
  • Carnations are a great endearing flower full of texture. The bang for your buck is just great and teh vase life is quite long when cared for properly.
  • Tulips are a tremendous value flower
  • A bud vase with six, three or even a single rose
  • Consider flowers in colors other than red, such as peach, orange, hot pink or chartreuse green
  • Pompons or chrysanthemums are long lasting. Consider a bunch of green Fuji Mums or a bunch of Kermit Pompons. The chartreuse green is a huge attention getter!
  • Stargazer lilies or other lilies
  • Alstroemeria
  • Gerbera daisies
  • Blooming plants

Flowers come in so many beautiful colors.  Some POPULAR COLOR TRENDS AND COLOR COMBINATIONS this year include:

  • We always think of red for Valentine’s Day, but many other combinations can say “I Love You.” Hot pink and orange for a fresh young look.  Purple is fun in either a monochromatic combination or mixed iwth red, very luscious. Chartreuse and pink is sweet yet crisp.  Orange and red is a powerful, masculine combination.
  • Monobotanic design (all one type of flowers)
  • Monochromatic design (flowers all in the same color family)
  • Reds, burgundies and browns
  • Hot pink, purples and browns
  • Monochromatic reds in various textures
  • Greens mixed with chocolate browns or stunning pinks
  • Greens and purples
  • Complementary colors cause excitement, such as lavender paired with yellow or blues coupled with oranges
  • Green, lavendar and peach form an upscale color combination
  • Rich purples and lavenders mixed with red
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