Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man

Sporty Floral Arrangement – include tickets to a game.

We can all admit that Valentine’s Day is typically about pleasing the woman in the relationship. Why not switch things up and focus on your man. He deserves to feel special. Not sure what to send your man? Men love flowers and plants, apoplectic
and more than a third of women buy their husbands floral gifts for Valentine’s Day. Trust me, you’ll knock his socks off this Feb. 14 with one of these four floral gifts.

Sporty Floral Arrangements. Ask the florist to create a floral design that incorporates your man’s favorite team’s colors and includes baseballs, footballs or a catcher’s mitt. The container could be a sports team cup. Throw your guy a curveball by sending the flowers to his office with tickets to his team’s next big game.


Hot Plants. Send your man a tropical plant perhaps a bromeliad or succulents. These hot plants can enhance the ambiance for a steamy night of reminiscing about your honeymoon or favorite tropical vacation.


Terrariums. Yes they are plants, too, however, they are plants in their own little world. It is a fun and different type of gift your fella’ will love. See “Terrific Terrariums” for tips on how to make your own, or ask your florist to create one especially for your man.


Romance Basket. Send your man a basket filled with wine, cheese, sausage, crackers and other tasty treats. Ask your florist to include a bag of rose petals. OK, so this gift is really meant for you to share. Who says you can’t send yourself a little gift, too? Sprinkle the rose petals on a table, on the bed, or in a bubble bath, and the two of you can enjoy a romantic evening at home.

What are you sending your man this Valentine’s Day?