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  1. Patricia Mikkelsen says:

    We ordered funeral flowers from you. We were promised that an image of the bouquet would be available to view on the delivery day. It was not. As far as I can see, no images of ANY arrangements are on this website. I am very disappointed.

  2. Robert says:

    Our Web server recently moved and it messed up all the photos being uploaded. I assure you that we have the picture and will let you know as soon as the problem is resolved. If you had not inquired on the issue we would have not been aware of the problem. Thank You.

  3. Carol Ross says:

    Order picture icon. All arrangements around this one are shown. I like to see what’s being ordered since I’m in California. Please advise.

  4. Andrea Stowell says:

    I have been trying to call to place an order and no one answers. Your website says you answer your phone 24 hours a day. Are you still in business.

  5. Robert says:

    Sorry we were rearranging things at shop and phones were temporarily down. Did updates to website and all should work now.

  6. cathy says:

    My name is Cathy Marshall and I am working to pull together a benefit event without any budget. 
    I was hoping to add carnations, probably red, to our tables (150-180 flowers) and was asking what the best price you could offer me would be. I have tall vases available.

    Event Date: Thursday Feb 25
    Location: Riverview Club, St. Augustine Shores
    To Benefit the St. Augustine Youth Orchestra.

    Please let me know what the best deal you can offer us.

    Cathy Marshall
    Treasurer, SAYO

  7. Robert says:


    Please call us at 386-445-1336 ands ask for Sunshine. She can give you suggestions and can give you a great deal also. We do events all the time and are very reasonably priced.

    The Village Greenery Florist

  8. Robert says:


    A lot of orders come in to our shop thru the internet. If you still need to know who sent flowers cal us at 386-445-1336 and we will try to track it down.

    The Village Greenery Florist

  9. Trish Vevera says:

    I recently attended a funeral on April 6, 2016 at St. Mary’s Church in Korona.( through Craig & funeral home. There were two especially beautiful asymmetrical arrangements with mixed flowers.
    Are they called “Designer’s Choice”? or what should they be called??? I was very impressed

  10. Robert says:

    It is hard to say with out a little research on which arrangements you saw. We do receive a high number of orders via the internet so many of the arrangements are filled using a recipe and a picture. However these limit the amount of flowers you get for the money and in most cases you get much more for your money with a designers choice arrangement. We photograph all our arrangements and list them here on this site so if you wanted us to do a similar arrangement that you saw all you have to do is give us the number of that order. Best way for us to help you is to call us with details. Hope this was helpful.

    The Village Greenery

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