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There are so many great holidays this month, internist and the season is one of our favorites! This newsletter focuses on everything that’s happening in October! Breast Cancer Awareness, sick Sweetest Day, store Bosses Day, and Halloween, those are just a few of the great things happening this month! Continue reading

15 Hargrove Lane
Building 3
Palm Coast, capsule FL 32137



Hours at location are from 9:00 am til all deliverys are out that day, for sale everyday of week.

We answer our phones all hours everyday.






4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Sharon glenn says:

    I placed and order for delivery on the 14 of November to 921 OAK ARBOUR CIRCLE ST AUGUSTINE.
    I was charged but they did not receive flowers. It was for the FTD pick me up

  2. Monica says:

    So I had my arrangement sent to me on Friday and they didn’t look good. My boyfriend called to complain and got you to send me a new arrangement on Saturday, when they delivered them they asked for the old ones back which seemed peculiar to me. Within 5 days the roses were completely wilted and pointing down. They are dead and I don’t think they should have died so quickly considering the fact that he paid a lot more than he would have for roses from Walmart or publix which always end up lasting AT LEAST an entire week to two weeks. These roses you brought to me house didn’t even open up like roses usually blossom open as they get older. They just wilted and turned hard and we replaced the water. His name is Keith Paley and mine is Monica Fagundo if you want to look the order up. I am very dissapointed.

  3. Robert says:

    We are sorry for the problem with the flowers not lasting. The roses that were complained about were delivered without a vase originally. We redelivered them in a vase which should have held up fine. The original roses that we delivered to you were used in a vase to see how long they would last and they are still holding up fine. Also this was delivered Thursday afternoon by me and replaced the following day by my wife which has been over a week. We understand if you do not want to use us in future for the cost of the roses because unfortunately we cannot sell roses and deliver them at the price that is offered by Walmart or Publix. When people send from our florist its mainly because they want the recipient to feel like the sender cares more about the occasion and message than the cost. Both times we delivered fresh roses. An additional note, Keith didn’t place the order with our shop directly. It was placed through a third party which probably charged more than we would have charged. In the future he can save money by placing order directly with the florist. Hope this response helps you understand that we do try to help our customers. Please call me directly ar 386-445-1336 if you wish to discuss further. Robert Parker, The Village Greenery Florist

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